Living Links Providing assertive outreach support to the suicide bereaved.

If you require support, please contact 086 9371030.

Alternatively you can find your local office by clicking the button opposite.

Living Links have been providing a unique and valued Family Bereavement Support Service on a voluntary bases throughout the Island of Ireland for over 15 years. We in Living Links strive to provide best practice support services to as many individuals and families as possible within our limited resources.

It was found that within the first twelve to fourteen months following the suicide, most people were basically in a state of confusion and experiencing multiple emotions such as anger, guilt, denial and even suicidal thoughts. Friction within the family unit was often a major problem and some families became totally dysfunctional. Families told of grief being at different levels within the family unit which lead to accusations of “you have forgotten very quickly” to “you were always the selfish one”. Circumstances such as this prevent conversation and prohibit the exploration of feelings.

Living Links objectives are:

  • To provide support and outreach to those bereaved by suicide
  • To increase awareness and understanding of suicide and its effects on individuals, families and communities
  • To liaise and exchange information with similar support groups nationally and internationally
  • To support and encourage relevant research
  • To produce leaflets and associated literature to be provided to survivors
  • To liaise and provide families information on health services available in the region, and the referral pathways to such services should such professional counselling be required
  • To provide and facilitate a group healing programme, on a needs basis, for the suicide bereaved
  • To encourage the suicide bereaved and/or suicide affected to establish and foster an ongoing support group among themselves

Living Links services are “Free” to everyone and we welcome all those who are over 18 years of age to our services. Suicide brings a very particular type of bereavement trauma to any family. The care and comfort of the traumatised family member is of paramount importance to us in Living Links. We do not set limits on our services and our volunteers remain with the bereaved family for as long as it takes for them to recover or for as long as they want us to remain with them.

Trained volunteers are now available to offer confidential, practical support and information to families who have experienced a death by suicide. At the request of the family, the Suicide Outreach Support Person can call to the home or meet at a location appointed by the family.

The outreach worker can provide information and practical support concerning the following areas:

  • The funeral
  • The inquest
  • Entitlements
  • What to say to children
  • How to deal with the neighbours
  • Help the person to clarify their personal grief
  • Connect the person to other support services in their area
  • Provide information on suicide and attempted suicide
  • Be there, as a friend, for the person.

The Living Links listening/support service is free of charge and available to any person in the community including Emergency Personnel, Gardaí, Clergy and Funeral Directors etc., who have in any way been affected by suicide.

If you or any of your friends would like to become a member of Living Links and maybe join our team of family bereavement support workers please contact living Links on;

Living Links National Mobile Number: 086 9371030

Living Links would also like to thank 3Ts ( Turn the Tide of Suicide) for providing funding for our training resources.

3Ts is a registered charity working to help prevent deaths by Suicide through research, intervention and support.